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Syberia to be adapted into animated series

Syberia to be adapted into animated series
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Microids to consult with What The Prod on new medium for Benoît Sokal's alternate history fantasy world


There's more Syberia coming! Although probably not in the form you'd expect. As much as we'd love to be announcing a brand new adventure game in the acclaimed franchise by Benoît Sokal and Microids, an animated series adapation is surely the next best thing.

The new show will at least echo the general premise of the original Syberia game from 2002, as Kate Walker, a "young ambitious lawyer from New York, takes us on a journey like no other from Western Europe to Eastern Russia." In this "alternate history" tale, viewers can expect to "discover mythical lands filled with epic quests and tremendous characters," including familiar faces like Oscar the automaton and the Youkols, as well as a host of new ones "sharing incredible adventures at the crossroad of the real world and Benoît Sokal’s fantasies."

With the support of the late Sokal's family, the series will be produced by What The Prod, who are currently involved in a project with the director of The Triplets of Belleville, Sylvain Chomet, called The magnificent life of Marcel Pagnol. Working closely with Microids on Syberia, What the Prod's goal is to "craft an animated series inspired by the game’s incredible universe, speaking to the fans as well as newcomers thanks to a modern writing style paying tribute to these very best dystopian and uchronic masterpieces," according to company founder and president Ashargin Poiré. The team hasn't unveiled any artwork just yet, but Poiré promises that "the art direction, the type and quality of animation will guarantee a mind-blowing experience halfway between reality and fantasy."

No date or release plans have been announced for the Syberia animated series, but we'll be keeping a close eye on its production and provide updates whenever new details become available.

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  1. Well, this is certainly interesting. Will take a look at it when it comes out…. but it’s going up against a major game. I am a lover of the original.


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