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A Knight in the Attic to emerge in 2023

A Knight in the Attic to emerge in 2023
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Rolling VR-exclusive adventure unveiled from the creators of The Big Con


Many adventure games involving pointing and clicking. Some involve running, jumping, pushing and pulling. But A Knight in the Attic, the upcoming new virtual reality title from the developers of The Big Con, has players do something entirely different: rolling.

In this “brand new chapter in the Arthurian Legend,” the wicked Mordred has “taken King Arthur hostage and cast a shadow over Camelot.” It’s up to Guinevere to save him on a journey that will see her encounter “the Lady of the Lake, Lancelot, Arthur, and even Mordred himself.” And yet this is not Guinevere’s adventure, exactly, but yours, as you’ll experience it all through a mysterious board game you find in your grandmother’s attic. It’s you who’s in control as you manipulate the game-within-the-game to guide its heroine successfully to the captive king.

Designed as a VR exclusive, A Knight in the Attic is a first-person adventure in which players must “roll Guinevere across multiple levels, tilting through obstacles on your way to save Arthur.” As you help Guinevere traverse this labyrinthian “magical world of wizardry and wonder,” the board will reveal additional secrets, yielding objects that can be used to solve puzzles, whether a “crank to open a door [or] a windmill that can fill the sail of a ship.” Probe a little deeper into the curious, dusty old attic around you and you may even uncover drawings and scrolls that reveal more about both Camelot and your grandmother, “detailing the mysteries she left behind.”

It’s too early yet for a target release date, but VR players can expect to get their hands on A Knight in the Attic sometime next year on Steam for Oculus Quest, Valve Index or equivalent headsets. To follow its progress in the meantime, be sure to check out the game’s official website.


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