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Interior Worlds is out on Windows PC

Interior Worlds is out on Windows PC
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Demo also available for short photographic "exploration adventure" through liminal spaces on Steam


"Point-and-click" has a very specific meaning when it comes to adventure games, but more and more new releases are incorporating a whole new kind of pointing and clicking, like sodaraptor's recently released photographic adventure, Interior Worlds.

Rather than tell a particular story, the game simply equips players with a mysterious single-lens reflex camera with the purpose of snapping pictures of "environmental anomalies." To find them, you'll explore a series of "empty, strange, and familiar spaces," all of them liminal places that represent "temporary gaps and portals we cross at some point or another – now yearning for a closer look" that can only be seen properly through the lens of your camera. Though not a puzzle-heavy experience, the occasional item will be required to bypass obstacles like locked doorways, and players should "keep a sharp eye out while traversing the more ... ominous locations."

Interior Worlds is presented in free-roaming, first-person 3D, played with the usual keyboard/mouse control scheme with additional buttons for aiming and zooming the camera, adjusting focus, snapping photos, activating the flash function, and advancing the film. It's all very easy to grasp, allowing players to focus on the "unique and unsettling walk-about." There are ten distinct locations to explore, including "a roadside hotel, empty movie theater, dying mall, and many more," each rendered in a "throwback" visual style meant to emulate the graphics from around the turn of the century, accompanied by a soundscape with an "eerie mix of low, rumbling drones and soft, stretched pads." You can interact with certain elements in the environment as well, such as "vending machines, phones, sinks, televisions" and even lights to give your snapshots a "different photo-moment vibe." And at any time you can peruse your own in-game gallery of pictures, "timestamped and pre-filtered with subtle layers of maximum liminal crust."

If your trigger finger's feeling itchy for a little shutterbug fun, there's no need to wait, as Interior Worlds is available now on Steam for Windows PC.


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