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The Illusion: Curse becomes tangible on Steam

The Illusion: Curse becomes tangible on Steam
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Third installment in escape room horror series available now for Windows PC


Normally getting out of a cult is what poses a major challenge, but in the newly released third installment of Raven Games' The Illusion series, getting into one will prove to once again be the source of an ongoing test of wits.

In 2021, the series introduced the story of Martin, who was investigating a cult when he became trapped in the mansion of Zorya, the "daughter of the sun," and tasked with completing a series of trials in order to gain acceptance. The next year came a sequel in which Martin found himself caught in a nightmare surrounded by "dark energy, ghosts and illusions." In this third installment, subtitled Curse, Martin is back after successfully completing Zorya's tests, only to discover that she has a sister named Moria, "the moonlight," who has another slate of "intricate puzzles" for him to overcome. It won't be easy, however, as Martin "will be punished by Moria for every wrong decision."

As with its predecessors, Curse is a first-person, free-roaming 3D escape room puzzler controlled via keyboard/mouse combination. To progress, players must explore the macabre, ornate mansion, solving puzzles in each of the twenty-four main rooms to acquire a key allowing access to another. Between rooms you'll need to "cross the loop, the maze, and the time room," all the while being "attacked by ghosts" and confronted with "illusions and strange events" occurring around you.

If you're game for a little horror-themed puzzling, there's no need to delay, as The Illusion: Curse is available now for download on Steam for Windows PC.


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