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Broken Spectre coming together for VR release this summer

Broken Spectre coming together for VR release this summer
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Story-driven cosmic horror described as "Firewatch meets The Thing in the Canadian wilderness"


Those who like their adventure game experiences "hands on" will be sure to appreciate Broken Spectre, an upcoming new horror game for hand-tracking VR from the creator of Flow Weaver in collaboration with the makers of The Blair Witch Project.

The game stars a woman named Casey Brewer, a "strong-headed adventurer haunted by her troubled family history." Twenty-five years ago her biologist father "entered the treacherous wilderness of Coldblood Mountain National Park and never came back." Believing him to be dead all these years, now Casey has reason to suspect he may be alive after all, so she illegally ventures into the park on her own. Instead of finding her father, however, all Casey discovers are his "mutated experiments." To follow his tracks, players will need to climb further up the mountain, but at "higher and more dangerous elevations, you face worsening weather, deadly frostbite, and grotesque horrors." As you "collect gruesome clues, decipher cryptic puzzles, and perform cult rituals," you'll begin to question your own sanity even as you "delve deeper and deeper into family traumas" perhaps better left buried.

Inspired by the likes of H.P. Lovecraft and John Carpenter, Broken Spectre is a slow-burning thriller in the wilderness where you "must face your fears head-on to make it out alive." In addition to the game's "macabre visual style," what makes it stand out most is its immersive use of hand-tracking controls. With no need for controllers, players will use their own hands to "examine objects, climb sheer rock faces, and fight for their lives." But exposure to deadly elements means jeopardy as well, so you risk them becoming "bloodied, frostbitten, or even (literally) snakebitten at times. And even as you deal with all the physical perils of Coldblood Mountain, you'll find yourself "consumed by a deeply personal cosmic horror story that will occupy the darkest recesses of your mind."

Available exclusively for VR, Broken Spectre will be released sometime this summer on the Oculus Quest Store for Meta Quest, Quest Pro or Quest 2 devices.


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