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Cions of Vega ports delivered on PlayStation and Xbox

Cions of Vega ports delivered on PlayStation and Xbox
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Search for a man's missing daughter from the creator of Drizzlepath branches out from PC


In 2021, a frantic search for a missing man's daughter began on PC in Tonguç Bodur's Cions of Vega. Now the hunt resumes on consoles, as the game has just arrived on PlayStation and Xbox devices.

Players step into the first-person shoes of a man whose 19-year-old daughter has disappeared without a trace. With help from your brother Logan, who knows the territory well, you must scour the scenic countryside and the scattered residences within it if you're to find your daughter and bring her home safely. Along the way you'll "search for notes, drawings, keys and other clues" that might produce new leads to her whereabouts, but you'll also uncover other mysteries as you progress, from "local cult activity to a town where children seem to have forgotten their parents."

Cions of Vega shares much in common with Bodur's previous games, including the Drizzlepath series, in presenting a vivid 3D world to freely traverse first-hand, accompanied by "atmospheric sound design and environmental storytelling." While the focus is primarily on exploration, there will be codes to crack and other puzzles to solve in your travels, along with some light platforming elements as you "find your way between key locations."

Originally released on Steam for Windows PC nearly two years ago, Cions of Vega is now available to download for PlayStation and Xbox consoles.


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