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Project: Nightlight switched on for Steam VR

Project: Nightlight switched on for Steam VR
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Atmospheric survival horror adventure available now to download for HTC Vive, Valve Index and Meta Quest 2


Being a night watchman generally involves a whole lot more tedium than excitement. But not this night, for this watchman, in the case of Project: Nightlight, a newly released VR survival horror from indie Autstralian developer Fringe Realities.

You are a security guard for a secretive organization cryptically called "The Department," which securely houses the equally inscrutable "Artifact" rumoured to have been discovered in Egypt. Normally the nights are quiet, the building empty, and "your only company is the voice on the radio." But tonight an apparent breach has occurred, and it soon becomes evident that the Artifact has been tampered with. It's your job to protect it, so with the guidance of a "distressed co-worker" named Dave over the walkie-talkie, you must make your way ever deeper into the facility. But the further you progress, the more you discover why some secrets "are kept hidden for a reason." The Department is clearly concealing something they don't want the public to know, and it'll take all your wits and "what little resources you can find" to "uncover the dark truths locked behind closed doors" – and hopefully live to tell the tale.

Designed for VR, Project: Nightlight aims to immerse players with an "acute attention to real-life accuracy" in each interaction. As you explore the environments for clues and paths leading deeper into the building, you can hack through chains with your trusty boltcutters, melt locks using a blowtorch, and physically interact with many other environmental objects. You'll also solve a variety of puzzles along the way, as well as "face the unseen horrors in the dark." Highly camouflaged, they're barely discernible to the naked eye, so you'll need to use the "weapon" developed by the facility to reveal them.

Thrill-seeking vrtual reality fans get get cracking right away, as Project: Nightlight is available now to download on Steam for HTC Vive, Valve Index and Meta Quest 2 devices.


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