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File Destined fulfilled today on Steam

File Destined fulfilled today on Steam
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First-person psychological thriller available now for download on Windows PC


Solving a high-profile murder case would be demanding at the best of times, but all the more so when you need to do it while skulking around in the dark with potential dangers lurking in every shadow. But that's the job, at least for the protagonist of Metavision Studio's newly released File Destined.

You are assigned to investigate "one of the most closely watched murder cases of the country," so you'll need to search for evidence, gather clues, and try to piece together the mystery from what you discover. However, this is no ordinary case, so you'd best prepare to "encounter unexpected dangers when least expected." What's more, the deeper you dig, the more you'll come to wonder if this case stands alone or if it's really just a "small part of a bigger picture." Either way, you'll want to take your time thoroughly scouring the environments, as "each thing you find might lead you to the truth you are seeking," though not so much time that you run out of light. Bad things could happen to you in the dark.

While those are all the story details we know so far, the trailer for File Destined suggests that much of the action will occur in a dismal old hospital that itself came to a foul end. It appears to be long since abandoned – at least, abandoned by any living human presence. But in the dark rooms and corridors of this eerie old place now "reside evil spirits out of this world." To survive in an otherwise "hostile environment" while solving the "map-based puzzles" impeding your progress, you'll need to maintain a light source at all times, often using only your trusty lighter. But like real lighters, this one has limits, so you'll need to carefully manage its use so that it doesn't run out at the worst possible time.

The haunted hospital of File Destined is now open to intrepid visitors, as the game is available to download on Steam for Windows PC.


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