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Last Christmas now present on Steam

Last Christmas now present on Steam
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Former point-and-click Adventure Jam 2022 entry updated and expanded for commercial PC release


Putting on a perfect Christmas celebration is many people's holiday wish, but making it happen is much easier said than done. Just ask Clark Griswold. Or you can find out for yourself in polytely games' newly released Last Christmas.

The game stars a young man named Frankie, who has a special holiday planned for his girlfriend Betty at her family's cabin in the mountains. He's got lots to do to prepare: build a fire, set the table, decorate the tree just so, to name a few, and that's only after he manages to make his way inside without a key. As he learns more about Betty's unusual family in the process, strange things begin to happen and it seems that Frankie isn't alone here after all. Now he'll need to keep his wits about him if he's to figure out what's going on in this secluded getaway where "things aren't always as they seem."

Last Christmas was originally conceived in two weeks as a short point-and-click entry in the Adventure Jam 2022 competition, where it placed third. Since then, the game's indie developer has updated and expanded the original with new graphics and content while retaining the same central premise. Though still not intended to be a long experience, there will be plenty of dark humour to go with items to collect and puzzles to solve, with four possible endings to uncover.

The real Christmas may still be many months away, but if you want to treat someone (and by "someone" I mean "yourself") to an extra little gift in April, the new version of Last Christmas is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac. And if you're interested in seeing how it all started, you can still check out the original freeware browser-based version on


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