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Mikey and Grover's Unexpected Adventures now expected on PC

Mikey and Grover's Unexpected Adventures now expected on PC
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Demo available on Steam for upcoming point-and-click pixel art treasure hunt


Lighthouses are inherently mysterious things, standing majestic but isolated, forever off limits to all but the precious few keepers who tend it. Little wonder, then, that they are often the subject of rumours and tall tales of strange goings-on. Only the bravest adventurers dare tread where ordinary souls are forbidden to go – or, you know, Mikey and Grover.

The titular stars of Headbang Games' upcoming Mikey and Grover's Unexpected Adventures are two preteen boys seeking the legendary riches of the "mysterious ancient lighthouse" seen only from afar from their beachfront hometown. Mikey, an "ordinary kid who enjoys a good snack and really hates spiders," was disappointed not to get his birthday wish of a brand new guitar, so he hatches a plan with his pal Grover to plunder the lighthouse for its famed treasure. The strange thing is, though, no one knows exactly what that is, as "it seems that everyone in town has a different theory about what is hidden in the lighthouse."

The game will feature full voice-overs and a colourful retro pixel art presentation. Its young protagonists will need to explore the town and chat with the eclectic cast of locals in order to learn more about their destination, then gather items for their trip, solving a variety of puzzles along the way. With no idea what's in store for them, as the title suggests, players should really expect the unexpected, as on this adventure "anything is possible."

There is no targeted release date yet for Mikey and Grover's Unexpected Adventures, but to help tide us over there's a playable demo already available on Steam for Windows PC. Still in beta state, the demo contains the first of six chapters planned for the full game. To follow its progress in the coming months, you can visit the developer's website for more information.


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