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Mistcaller cleared for launch on Windows PC

Mistcaller cleared for launch on Windows PC
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Hand-drawn side-scrolling puzzle-platformer available now for download on Steam


When life begins to overwhelm us, it can feel like we're in a haze as we desperately fumble to find our way through it. That is the case in a very literal way for the protagonist of Mistcaller, a newly released side-scrolling puzzle-platformer from indie Georgian developer Onyx Wings Studio.

The game stars a girl named Eve, who finds herself lost and alone in a realm shrouded in mist, with no memory of what has happened except that her brother was taken from her. Her only companion is "a strange voice coming from the shadows," but Eve soon discovers that she has the unique power to control the mist surrounding her. She must make clever use of this newfound ability in order to navigate the eerie darkness and overcome the many obstacles she encounters in her travels. In doing so, Eve will begin to unravel the mystery of "two rival families, each with their own dark secrets."


Inspired by Limbo and other atmospheric puzzle-platformers of its kind, Mistcaller is a fully hand-drawn side-scroller with a subtly Eastern flavour, filled with environmental puzzles to solve and dangers to avoid. Survival is a case of mind over matter here, because if the young protagonist is ever to find her brother and the answers she seeks, she must master her control of the "unsettling haze" in order to navigate this deadly world and finally bring its secrets to light.

If you've got your mind set on playing Mistcaller, just make your way to Steam, where the game is available now to download for Windows PC.

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