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Fort Solis set to open this summer

Fort Solis set to open this summer
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Open-ended, cinematic sci-fi thriller aboard an abandoned mining facility on Mars coming to Windows PC


No matter how often we find unspeakable horrors waiting in abandoned space stations, we just can't help ourselves from going into the next one... and the next... and so on. The "next" in question might just be Fallen Leaf's Fort Solis, an upcoming cinematic sci-fi thriller set in a deserted outpost on Mars.

Engineer Jack Leary is about to experience "the longest night of his life" in the titular mining facility on the Red Planet. Responding to a distress call from a nearby base, Jack arrives to find the place "dark and desolate." Jack heads inside with a storm bearing down on him, but "as the night grows longer, events escalate, spiral out of control and the mystery of what happened to the crew begins to reveal itself." With no possible means of escape until morning, players must scour the facility's "bunkers, labs, crew quarters, and harsh, stormy surface to understand what enigmatic horrors befell its inhabitants."

Fort Solis is a cinematic third-person thriller with "no camera cuts, load times, or HUD" to interfere with your exploration of the base both above and belowground, whether the "creepy service tunnels absent of any light or the multiple departments ... such as Engineering, Medical and Communications." In doing so you'll discover numerous audio and video logs brought to life by a stellar voice cast including Roger Clark (Red Dead Redemption 2 lead), Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Batman: The Telltale Series), and Julia Brown (The Last Kingdom, World on Fire). As the night unfolds, you have the freedom to revisit the places you've gone, but along the way you'll have to make "tough decisions in real time as you piece together the sinister forces that have befallen Fort Solis." Choices matter, as do your actions, as they'll ultimately impact which of the multiple possible endings you'll get.

There is no firm target release date just yet, but Fort Solis is on track to launch on Steam for Windows PC sometime this summer.


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