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VENARI unlocks a new Escape Room Adventure on PC

VENARI unlocks a new Escape Room Adventure on PC
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New free-roaming, first-person 3D puzzler from M9 Games continues the tale begun in Art Heist

It's been more than six months since the last release from M9 Games, which means it's high time for the next escape room-inspired puzzler from the prolific indie developer, this time titled VENARI.

Following the events of Art Heist and a "surprising encounter with an old friend," you now find yourself in possession of a "secret map revealing the location of a long-lost, mystical object known as the Venari artefact." Naturally your curiosity gets the better of you, so you charter a flight aboard a small sea plane to an "uncharted island shrouded in mystery." Upon landing, you quickly discover that this is no ordinary island. Instead it's a "labyrinth of ancient ruins, hidden chambers, and intricate puzzles, each guarding clues and secrets that inch you closer to the artefact." The challenge appeals to your sense of adventure, of course, but the journey will "demand every ounce of your puzzle-solving prowess" if you're to succeed.

Athough picking up after the conclusion of the previous game, no prior familiarity is needed to jump right into VENARI, as a quick cutscene sets the stage for current events. Returning players will find much in common with M9's other recent titles, with its first-person 3D presentation, explored via keyboard/mouse or gamepad, and a variety of brainteasers that "range from logic-based challenges to intricate mechanical devices." There will also be plenty of "hidden secrets and pieces of lore" to discover, each further unraveling the "history of the Venari artefact and the ancient civilisation that once thrived here." What propels this game beyond its predecessors is the solo developer's own original ambient soundtrack and more ambitious choice of environments, taking players from coastal area through "rocky terrain, forgotten temples, and eerie caves" for greater diversity, each filled with meticulously crafted details and enough challenge to put any player's wits to the test.

Treasure hunters on PC can get started right away, as VENARI – Escape Room Adventure is available now on Steam, while mobile gamers and Switch fans will have to wait a little longer before ports arrive later this summer. 


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