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First glimpse shown of Last Time I Saw You

First glimpse shown of Last Time I Saw You
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Narrative adventure melding "a first love and a terrible curse" coming to PC and consoles in 2024


Love is complicated, and a first love even more so. Sometimes the heart whats the heart wants, and damn the consequences. But what if those consequences jeopardized the fates of an entire town? How much would you dare risk for such a love? This is the question at the heart of Maboroshi Artworks' upcoming narrative adventure, Last Time I Saw You.

Ayumi is a twelve-year-old boy who dreams of a "strange girl" who may just be responsible for a curse that threatens his town with an impending typhoon in 1980s Japan. And yet Ayumi is unable to resist feeling an "inexplicable attraction toward her," so as he grapples with conflicted feelings, he begins a treacherous "journey of self-discovery as he marches toward adulthood." As players "discover an interconnected world full of untold secrets with massive implications," you'll need to help guide the young protagonist through the growth and change that inevitably stem from "the trials and tribulations of a first love."

Inspired by a real-life heartbreak for creator Juan Fandiño (previously the art director of Yume Nikki: Dream Diary), Last Time I Saw You is a lovely hand-drawn narrative adventure with light action elements backed by an "ethereal lo-fi soundtrack." Emphasizing an emotionally charged story and character development over challenging gameplay, the game sees players explore the town and its surrounding "fantastical" Japanese countryside in search of the mystery girl who appears in Ayumi's dreams, taking time to "socialize with locals" encountered along the way. Some will be "helpful creatures" while others pose dangers to overcome, and all the while you'll be confronted by the "chaotic dangers of an unrelenting storm."

Last Time I Saw You is still a fair way off, expected to launch on Steam for Windows PC sometime in the summer of 2024, along with console releases for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms. In the meantime, you can follow the game's progress throught its indie Japanese developer's official website.


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