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Glitch Games exposes A Fragile Mind on PC, Switch and mobile devices

Glitch Games exposes A Fragile Mind on PC, Switch and mobile devices
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New "compact" slideshow-style escape puzzler available now from the creators of Recursion, The Forgotten Room and Forever Lost 

Glitch Games is one of the more prolific indie studios in adventure games today, with more than a dozen first-person puzzlers released so far. And now you can tack on another thanks to today's stealth launch of A Fragile Mind on PC, Switch and mobile devices. 

Very story details have been revealed, but that's because the premise will be instantly familiar to Glitch fans, and any narrative details are yours to discern along the way. This time around, you find yourself waking up in an unfamiliar courtyard to "the sound of an unnervingly familiar voice," which is all you have to go on as you have no memory of this place or how you got here. Slowly but surely the pieces will begin to click into place as you progress by searching for clues and solving puzzles in the hopes of finding your way out and making an escape. 

As with most of the UK developer's catalogue, such as Recursion, The Forgotten Room and Forever Lost, A Fragile Mind is a point-and-click, first-person slideshow-style game that promises to be "chock-full of puzzles, secrets, and questions" to uncover. Despite the seemingly grim subject matter, there will be plenty of "trademark Glitch humour" to lighten the mood. Most if not all of the studio's other user-friendly staples can be expected as well, including an in-game camera that can be used to take photos of clues and other relevant details, a full hint system to help when you need a nudge, a checkpoint autosave system, and eight individual slots for multiple playthroughs. And for mobile players, rest assured that there will be "absolutely no adverts or in-app purchases" to worry about. 

The best part of all, besides the light budget price, is that you can get puzzling right away, as A Fragile Mind is available now on for Windows PC, the Nintendo eShop for Switch, the App Store for iOS, and Google Play and Amazon for Android devices.


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