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Shadowgate 2 to be conjured up later this year

Shadowgate 2 to be conjured up later this year
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3D sequel to 1987 classic fantasy adventure with turn-based combat coming to PC and Switch

It's been more than 35 years since the original Shadowgate as part of ICOM Simulations' MacVenture series, but the danger-filled castle crawler may be more popular now than ever, with not one but two different sequels currently underway. 

Not to be confused with Zojoi's upcoming Beyond Shadowgate, the "ultimate, official" sequel that promises a retro 8-bit throwback experience from the series creators, Shadowgate 2 fully leans into modern sensibilities. This time around you play as the sorceress Raven, the great-great-granddaughter of Lakmir the Timeless, who set players out on their original quest so many years ago. It is a troubled time for the realm of Kal Torlin, as magic is disappearing and "shadows once again begin to move across the land." The blight is believed to originate in Castle Shadowgate, so "equipped with nothing more than Lakmir’s Chrono-Orb and accompanied by your sarcastic companion, Yorick," you must venture inside, where many "devious monsters and cleverly crafted puzzles await you within the legendary castle."

Co-produced by Forever Entertainment and its French subsidiary Highball Games, Shadowgate 2 "leaves 2D adventuring behind" to offer a full 3D experience. The setting will consist of six different levels, each of them "replete with devious puzzles that will test even the most seasoned adventurer." And monsters! You'll face a variety of "dark denizens" that seek to end your quest prematurely, so as you "move seamlessly through the castle’s past and past present with a powerful Chrono-Orb," defending yourself will be unavoidable at times. Rather than relying on quick reflexes, however, fights play out using a "new turn-based combat system that requires deciphering Storybook clues and exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses with powerful spells," making each battle more of a puzzle to solved than an action element. There are six schools of magic to learn from, and "combining and mastering the spells will be the difference between a swift victory or an untimely death." And whenever you're feeling stuck, Yorick is available to provide useful hints that will help you find new items of interest. 

There is no firm target release date for Shadowgate 2, but the game is due to be launched on Steam for Windows PC and Nintendo Switch sometime this year, so let the race begein to see which sequel arrives first! 

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  1. I didn't know that this one and Beyond Shadowgate were in the making. Thanks for the news. I really looking forward to it.


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