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Sayri: The Beginning to get underway soon on PC and consoles

Sayri: The Beginning to get underway soon on PC and consoles
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Colourful 3D animal journey on an alien planet driven by "the power of friendship, love, and courage"

It's ever so obvious that the secret to our species' survival is learning how to work together. Unfortunately it's a lesson we humans fail to grasp all too often, but it's one that the titular alien protagonist embraces wholeheartedly in Vidloonnya Reborn's upcoming Sayri: The Beginning

After fleeing a homeworld beset by "catastrophic events," it seems like destiny when a small animal-like creature named Sayri crash-lands on a lush new planet named Ayris. All alone on this beautiful but unfamiliar world, Sayri must venture out in search of a new place to call home, but even possessing some unique telekinetic powers, the little protagonist soon encounters a variety of obstacles that are too much to overcome without help. The only way to succeed is to become friends with the "curious locals" along the way, each of whom has their own needs but also special abilities that will prove useful in Sayri's quest. 

Designed to be a heartwarming tale about "wonder, friendship, and overcoming loss," Sayri is a vibrantly coloured third-creature 3D adventure on a dynamic alien world where "friendship is the only recipe for surviving the unknown." Puzzles spring organically from the environments, and it will take the combined efforts of Sayri and their newfound friends to bypass them. As you progress, you'll "discover many secrets and unlock new abilities," and gradually you'll begin to uncover the truth about what happened to Sayri's dying homeworld left behind.

There is no firm target release date for Sayri: The Beginning, but it is listed as "coming soon" on Steam for Windows PC. In the meantime, you can follow its progress through the game's official website


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