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Tinselfly to land soon on Steam

Tinselfly to land soon on Steam
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Surreal science fantasy "introspective adventure" with light action elements unveiled for Windows PC

We've probably all had that dream of growing up to be an astronaut exploring outer space. But what if we achieved that dream and found it wasn't all it's cracked up to be? This is the premise of Tinselfly, the upcoming debut adventure from the two-person indie team Flopsy Koala.

In this "surreal, introspective adventure about dreams, nostalgia, and the majesty of utopian space travel," players step into the first-person spaceboots of Robin Aetherspring, who grew up dreaming of becoming an intrepid space explorer but now finds herself in a rut as a "listless starship engineer." That all changes when Robin and her crew become trapped in a "bizarre starship graveyard." Now, to find her missing crewmates and escape, Robin must uncover the origins of this strange place. In the process, she'll come to reconnect with parts of herself she'd lost touch with over the years, and maybe even "rediscover her love of space exploration."

Inspired by the likes of Myst, Dreamfall Chapters, and Firefly, Tinselfly is a free-roaming 3D adventure that blends "ethereal" exploration, puzzle solving and character introspection with some light combat in between. As you traverse the game's "space-punk" environments, you'll discover "intricate, delicate starships that defy physics and reality." There you'll gradually reveal new details about Robin and her world, helping you piece together the stories that "shaped the woman she would become – a woman who would save the world." It will be a challenge to keep the normally introverted Robin talking through dialogue puzzles, and when talking isn't enough, you may need to engage in some sword fighting with "killer cleaning robots," directionally aiming your weapon to weaken your opponenent's defenses and finally vanquish them. 

Tinselfly is currently slated to launch "soon" on Steam for Windows and Mac, though no firm release date has yet been announced. 


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