Conversations With Curtis – Danny Delk and Aaron Giles interviews

Adventure Game Hotspot Network partner Conversations with Curtis has been busy. The two-man team of Paul Morgan Stetler and Daniel Albu are doing their best Purple Tentacle impression of trying to take on the world!

Speaking of Day of the Tentacle‘s colorfully mutated megalomaniac, Paul and Daniel sat down for an in-depth chat with Denny Delk, the voice of Purple Tentacle and many other iconic LucasArts adventure game favorites. You may not immediately recognize his name, but we guarantee that you will recognize the voice. Delk’s stories are incredible, and you will not want to miss the impressions. 

See and hear for yourself:


If the conversation with Danny Delk merely whetted your appetite, that’s great, because there is another full course coming as Daniel sits down with Aaron Giles. Aaron, a former LucasArts employee himself, has built an incredible LucasArts emulator called Dreamm. Even if – like us – you don’t know much about the tech side, we’re sure you’ll have a blast hearing about the different game versions. To learn all about the development and porting of LucasArts adventures, then get comfortable once again for the next video below:



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