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Flake: The Legend of Snowblind


The endless winter has arrived, covering Nesca Island in snow, but the prophecies speak of even worse to come. People are growing restless and hungry. Was it just by simple chance that at precisely this time Flake came along? Blissfully unaware on his mountaintop that his destiny is strongly connected with the fate of the world itself, Flake embarks on a journey that sees him not only travel through time, but to the spiritual world where all good spirits dwell, and Limbo, where souls are trapped for eternal punishment. Will he manage to find his way out of the psychopathic ghost's Mind Maze, where time is infinite? Available for Windows PC on Steam.




Flake: The Legend of Snowblind is a captivating cartoon adventure in a fun, intricately crafted setting, though its considerable charms are complicated by the fact that it feels more like a substantial first chapter than a full game in its own right. Read more



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