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Colossal Cave VR

Roberta Williams


The groundbreaking adventure game pioneer, reimagined in 3D by Roberta Williams. Tread lightly through 14 distinct regions of winding caverns, each filled with shimmering treasures to discover. Encounter whimsical creatures of both friendly and cruel intention, including adorable dwarves, brutish trolls, and fearsome pirates lurking within the corridors. Employ magic and wit to unveil mystical secrets and decrypt complex environmental puzzles. Discover exciting easter eggs and locate 15 priceless items within. Before calling it a night, relive the adventure all over again, collecting all 350 points and finding every mystery the caves have to offer.



It’s not about seeing the story through to the end or solving complicated puzzles—version 2.0 of Colossal Cave in VR faithfully retains the flaws of the original groundbreaking game but is otherwise a delightful interactive experience that feels like an actual genuine adventure. Read more

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