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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me


The trap is set and about to close on the Lonnit Entertainment crew. After luring a struggling group of filmmakers in with the promise of an incredible setting for their failing documentary on H.H. Holmes, their host Granthem Du’Met now watches their every move, plotting and planning their most exquisite deaths. A crack in a wall, a mirror, or a simple detail on a painting can easily hide cameras to stalk them as the killer searches for the perfect moment to strike, and when he does, a terrible fate awaits you. Available for PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.



While Supermassive’s formula is starting to need a bit of a punch-up, and the H. H. Holmes Murder Castle is surprisingly less compelling than the earlier anthology settings, The Devil in Me is still a solid slasher story for horror fans to enjoy. Read more



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