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Join us on Adventure Game Hotspot's 12-hour first anniversary YouTube livestream TODAY!

Join us on Adventure Game Hotspot's 12-hour first anniversary YouTube livestream TODAY!
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In case you've forgotten from our earlier announcement, today's the day for our marathon 12-hour YouTube livestream, commemorating our one-year anniversary!

It'll be a long (LONG) but fun day filled with special developer guests, including the likes of:

The Brotherhood (Stasis series)

Dave Gilbert (Wadjet Eye)

Tom Hardwidge (Lucy Dreaming, Heir of the Dog

Francisco Gonzalez (Lamplight City, Rosewater)

Adam Riches (Loco Motive)

Josh Mandel (THE Josh Mandel!)

Cade Peterson (Read Only Memories: NEURODIVER)

Sean Parker, Austin Hillebrecht (Fogtown)

Julia Minamata (The Crimson Diamond)

Oh, and a certain former Sierra legend named Ken Williams – perhaps you’ve heard of him?

It'll be a relaxed, conversation-over-coffee kind of chat about any and all things adventure gaming (and probably a few things outside of adventure gaming).

We'll be offering a quick preview of the new site design, and we're unveiling a prelaunch Kickstarter page for our upcoming newly rebranded AdventureCon weekend! The Kickstarter is your first chance to secure tickets to what we know will be an awesome event on April 20-21, 2024, so sign up now and get notified when it goes live!

Every hour we'll also be unveiling new nominee finalists for the official Adventure Game Hall of Fame, so let the (friendly) arguments commence! There will be prizes throughout the day as well, and you'll even have the chance to call in and join us live if you've got questions you want answered.

So  you've got some free time today, join the party! The show will be available after the fact, but half the fun of live shows is that anything can happen – and knowing us, it probably will!

The show runs from noon to midnight, Eastern time. (That’s 4pm to 4am GMT, or 8am to 8pm Pacific.) Hope to see you there! (Well, it's you who'd be seeing us, but you know what we mean.)

Where is it? Right BELOW!



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