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Adventure Game Hotspot Network Presents: The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast

Adventure Game Hotspot Network Presents: The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast
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Until now the Adventure Game Hotspot Network has consisted solely of video creators, but today we are pleased to introduce our first fellow podcasters: The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast. Why are their names in bold? Because they are ... well, bold. (Plus that's the link to find them!) They are not your typical adventure game personalities. They like to get a little crazy and they aren’t afraid to go outside the box. Of course, you kind of have to go outside the box when you've created as many podcast episodes as they have. Co-hosts Paul Korman and Anna Vigue are lifetime adventurers, and you can tell whenever they fire up their mics in their bi-weekly podcast. 

They've interviewed the biggest names in adventure gaming, and covered wide-ranging topics including: 

Sexy Games - The games that turn us on

Les Manley in: Search for the King – The dollar store Leisure Suit Larry 

Polarization – The topics that divide us

They even had on a couple jokers from the Adventure Game Hotspot to cast their favorite adventure games as movies. What won't these people do?!

Yes, the Classic Gamers Guild has covered it all, and now they do so as part of the AGH Network.

They're not just podcasters, either. Have you heard of the upcoming adventure game called The Phantom Fellows? If you haven't, be sure to check it out because that upcoming gem is being created by Paul, with his trademark humor overflowing into the game. 

But back on the topic of podcasts, we'll let Paul tell you what their last two episodes were about:

“In Consequence, Comfort & Modern Adventure Games, Anna and I explore the contrasting concepts of consequence and comfort, and that's too many Cs. Look, they look at how Sierra and LucasArts looked at– okay, that's too many looks. Listen, Sierra often used consequence while LucasArts eventually preferred comfort in their approaches to adventure game design, and this conversation is about the pros and cons to each approach, as well as why modern adventure games largely choose the path of comfort.

"We discuss how consequence comes with inherent frustrations, while it is those very frustrations that eventually deliver the dopamine hits of eventual success. Yet comfort is a welcome change of pace when every other genre of video game offers stresses and pressures, and perhaps exploring an interactive narrative is plenty to keep an adventure gamer engrossed. Can a comfort-based game avoid feeling like a checklist? When are consequences unfair? How do you create a feeling of high stakes when perhaps there aren't any?

"Finally, we look at potential dangers in modern adventure game design, such as when does a game do too much for you, and are modern adventures playing it so safe that they are veering into hidden object territory. All this and more, or even less. Listen to find out!" 

Consequence, Comfort & Modern Adventure Games


Of FMV Adventure Games, Paul says that “Anna and I are joined by our good friend, vocalist and FMV avocado– I mean aficionado, Jackie Stewart! We talk everything full motion video. We even talk about partial motion video. That’s actually not true, but the point is, this is an episode on everything FMV and you are gonna maybe love it. Mangia!” 

FMV Adventure Games


You can find the Classic Gamers Guild podcast in these lovely places:


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