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Gabriel Knight – A video documentary of Sierra's iconic series and its possible resurrection

Gabriel Knight – A video documentary of Sierra's iconic series and its possible resurrection

We just want to say thank you to our extraordinary community of fans who have helped make Son of Sequel a possibility. We've teamed with the fine folks at Adventure Game Hotspot to bring you this retrospective of the Gabriel Knight series. With the success of our Son of Sequel Kickstarter campaign, we remain optimistic for the future of Gabriel. So without further ado, here's the story so far.

Jane Jensen and Robert Holmes


In 1992, young writer and software engineer Jane Jensen got the opportunity of a lifetime: to co-design the next King’s Quest game with industry legend Roberta Williams. For many designers, this would prove a career highlight, but for Jensen, it was only the beginning. That same year she was asked by Sierra On-Line co-founder Ken Williams to pitch her own vision for a new franchise. The following year, she and her team released the first in a trilogy of games that would become one of the most beloved and seminal adventure game series of all time – Gabriel Knight.

The story of the series itself reflects the journey of the rise and fall of the golden age of Sierra On-Line, and indeed adventure games themselves. From the beginning of the CD-ROM-era, to the short-lived full-motion video trend, to the growing pains of the true 3D movement, each of the three Gabriel Knight games experienced new challenges but now stands as a classic testament of its time.

With the crowdfunding success of series composer Robert Holmes’s latest musical album of original game themes – which included the promise of a new Gabriel Knight short story from Jensen herself – anticipation over the possible revival and continuation of the Schattenjäger legacy has picked up once again, and both Jensen and Holmes are being more vocal than ever about their desire to return to the series they created so long ago. So let’s keep that fire burning. Join Jeff Tripoli and AGH as we take an extensive look back at the development of this iconic franchise – its successes, its tribulations, and even its possible future. Enjoy.


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  1. Thanks for putting together this video about my favorite adventure game series, Jeff! Really appreciate your thorough research to let me vicariously relive these games!


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