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Launch celebration livestream event - Saturday, October 15th!

Launch celebration livestream event - Saturday, October 15th!
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As if launching the site wasn’t enough excitement for one weekend, why don’t we go all out and have an all-day livestream to celebrate the occasion?

That’s right, we’ll be hosting a 12 (not a typo – that s TWELVE) hour livestream event on YouTube on Saturday, October 15th beginning at noon Eastern (that’s 9am Pacific, 16:00 UTC, and … something else in Australia and other parts of the world). We want everyone to have a chance to drop in live, no matter where you live around the globe.

Plus, we need that long just to cram in all the trivia, prizes, and star-studded guests we have lined up!

The video list above contains just some of the popular game developers who will be joining us throughout the day, ranging from genre legends to acclaimed but lesser-known industry veterans to smaller indies just making a name for themselves with top new games now hitting the market.

You can always catch the show after the fact, but these things are so much more fun experienced live, so we hope you’re able to join us! Besides, that’s the only way to win some cool prizes we’ll be giving out every hour.

So bookmark this page, and join us at the Adventure Game Hotspot livestream launch celebration!


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