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Happy Hotspot Holidays – A Developer Season's Greetings Video

Happy Hotspot Holidays – A Developer Season's Greetings Video
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It’s our first ever Christmastime at the Adventure Game Hotspot!

Whether religious or not, for many of us it’s a special time chock full of great traditions: stories of Santa, carol singing, gift giving, eggnog drinking, ugly sweaters, rewatching old favourites on TV, and of course replaying the Christmas Quest trilogy every year. (I assume everyone’s doing that, right? If not, you don’t know what you’re missing!)

Another fond custom from the past decade at my former adventure gaming home is the annual video of holiday wishes from many of the year’s most influential developers and genre personalities. This is one tradition very much worth carrying on from one place to the next, so I am pleased to introduce the inaugural season’s greetings compilation at the Hotspot.

If Christmas isn’t your thing, that’s okay too, as all faiths and non-faiths are welcome! It’s not about the holiday so much as taking a moment to celebrate the spirit of sharing and caring, family and fellowship. We’re grateful to the entire Adventure Game Hotspot community, and we add our best wishes to all of you for a festive finish to 2022 and an even better 2023.

And now, on with the show!


00:30 – Jack Allin, Adventure Game Hotspot

2:20 – Valtteri Tavast (Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die)

3:25 – Tim Schafer, Double Fine Productions

4:02 – Meredith Gran, Three Bees (Perfect Tides)

5:04 – Rubén López and Silvia Izquierdo, Aruma Studios (Intruder in Antiquonia)

6:30 – Greg Muhlbock (Azazel's Christmas Fable)

7:28 – Robert Holmes (SEQUEL)

8:15 – Šarūnas Ledas, Tag of Joy (Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit)

9:30 – Yakir Israel, Adventure4Life Studios (Plot of the Druid)

10:30 – Ken and Roberta Williams, Cygnus Games (Colossal Cave Reimagined by Roberta Williams)

11:05 – Charlotte Sutherland, Cave Monsters (Lord Winklebottom Investigates)

12:30 – Tall Story Games (Lucy Dreaming)

14:55 – Dave Grossman (Return to Monkey Island)

16:26 – Anna Mimik, 2FOR2 (KAPIA)

17:25 – Mikael Nyqvist, MDNA Games (Carol Reed series)

18:00 – Stefano Maccarinelli, Stelex Software (Monorail Stories)

18:54 – José María Meléndez, Postmodern Adventures (Nightmare Frames)

19:54 – William Kruger, Silvernode Studios (Nine Noir Lives)

20:30 – Fabrice Breton, COWCAT (BROK the InvestiGator)

21:38 – Alon Simon, Happy Juice Games (Lost in Play)

22:36 – Charles Cecil, Revolution Software (Broken Sword, Steel Sky series)

23:50 – Closing music: Kan Gao, Freebird Games (Just A To the Moon Series Beach Episode)


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