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Station 117 unlocked on PC and mobile devices

Station 117 unlocked on PC and mobile devices
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First-person mystery puzzler from Glitch Games set on the Pacific seafloor available now for purchase


Outer space isn't the only place for remote facilities whose secretive research is inevitably bound to go disastrously, horrifically wrong. Exhibit A is the eponymous setting of Glitch Games' newly released mystery puzzler, Station 117.

Instead of some far-flung distant planet or moon, this game is set deep down on the floor of the Pacific ocean. There, in an "undisclosed location ... is Station 117 – a classified research facility doing totally secret work." As genius billionaire playboy Franklin Gates, who also happens to be an amateur marine biologist, you have "grown up with the stories, never really believing them to be true." Now you have the means to finally find out for yourself, and due to your "unlimited curiosity, and let’s face it dumb stupidity," you decide to dive down and venture inside the fabled facility. It surely goes without saying, but "what you discover will change everything."

As with many of the indie UK developer's previous games (Incoherence, Veritas and more), Station 117 is a first-person point-and-click mystery with realistically rendered graphics and an immersive soundscape. Another similarity to its (unrelated) predecessors is its heavy emphasis on puzzles throughout. Fortunately, as you attempt to uncover the mystery of what happened here, there will be plenty of clues to find, a camera to record them, and a full hint system should you need it.

If you've got your thinking cap on and are ready to dive in, you can do so right away on PC and mobile devides, as Station 117 is available now to download on Steam,, the App Store, Google Play and Amazon.


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