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Miniatures to reach full size on PC and mobile devices in 2024

Miniatures to reach full size on PC and mobile devices in 2024
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Collection of "peculiar" short stories in development from the creators of Tick Tock: A Tale for Two

Inanimate objects don't really possess memories of their own, but many of us hold a special place in our hearts for certain items of such sentimental value that it's almost as if they do, triggering enormous waves of nostalgia each time we see them. It's these kinds of objects and the powerful emotional connections associated with them that lie at the heart of Other Tales Interactive's upcoming Miniatures.

Miniatures is a collection of four different playable short stories as seen through the eyes of a child, each based on a particular item found in an old wooden box: a toy lizard, a framed moth, a screwdriver, and a seashell. The four distinct tales all reflect a fundamental part of childhood, where "imagination and reality merge with darker undercurrents of loneliness, mystery and magic." At various points you'll find yourself helping a family assemble a cabinet, controlling a young boy "left home alone when nature starts taking over," turning a "sand castle into a mini town with the power of imagination," and assisting a girl named Almo in searching for her mother, who's lost in a "vast and gorgeous seascape."

Unlike the indie Danish/Swedish studio's previous game, the co-op puzzler Tick Tock: A Tale for Two, Miniatures is a single player adventure about the "curious stories we tell ourselves and how they shape the world." Inspired by the "smaller but impactful stories found in picture books and short story collections," each individual episode will feature its own unique graphic style and experience. However, all of them present their respective journeys of "nostalgia, mystery, and heartfelt exploration" with a hand-crafted, dreamlike feel designed to create a "peculiar tone." Gameplay, too, will differ depending on the particular context, but will always be controlled via "simple and intuitive mechanics inspired by graphic novels and modern adventure games."

No target release date has yet been announced, but Miniatures in on track to be released on PC and mobile devices sometime in the second quarter of 2024. In the meantime, if you act fast there's still time to check out the playable demo for the game, during the Steam Next Fest which runs until February 12th.


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