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Soul of Butterflies: Incubation hatched on PC and iOS

Soul of Butterflies: Incubation hatched on PC and iOS
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Debut installment of hand-drawn puzzle adventure series available on Steam, and the App Store


The world has been devastated by a deadly plague and political volatility... No no, this isn't a flashback to 2021, but the fictional setting of Soul of Butterflies: Incubation, the recently released debut installment of a new puzzle adventure series by Project Starry.

The story is set in the Republic of Darkcone, a country beset by political upheaval, whose people "continue to suffer from the ravages of war." Making matters far worse is an outbreak of a contagious disease that threatens the very survival of its populace. One such victim is a young girl named Nara, who is looked after by her older brother Anders. In order to earn enough money to pay for medical supplies, Anders "accepts a mysterious job invitation from the Butterfly Inn." This is no ordinary inn, however, and an unsuspecting Anders has no idea that "his inner struggles and fears will become a significant test before he embarks on an irreversible adventure."

The game is presented like an attractive hand-drawn slideshow whose art style has been "inspired by American comics." Described as a "point-and-click adventure game with a unique worldview," Incubation is set in an "extremely enigmatic world" that is interacted with using the mouse via "clicking, dragging, and swiping." There are plenty of puzzles and mini-games to complete, including Nara's favourite card game, Old Throne Lies, but as you progress you'll begin piecing together a "fragmented narrative" that sheds light on a "deep and meaningful" story. This first installment serves as a kind of prologue occurring in the home of Anders and Nara, which will "serve as a foundation for the future adventures within the inn."

Soul of Butterflies: Incubation is available now to download on Steam and for Windows and Mac, as well as the the App Store (under the name Incubation) for iOS devices.


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