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First details cooked up for Pizza Spy

First details cooked up for Pizza Spy
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Action-comedy adventure spoofing the espionage genre unveiled by the creators of Detective Gallo


There are all kinds of threats to our world that are too depressing to consider. But there's one that may just make us laugh and feel hungry at the same time: the upcoming Pizza Spy, by the creators of Detective Gallo.

The nefarious "El Cocinero" is a "criminal Chef Saucier who, by carrying out a series of culinary attacks around the world, intends to become the greatest chef of all time." Fortunately there's a secret, highly equipped organization dedicated to stopping just such gastronomical criminals, whose agents are known as Pizza Spies. These operatives function at "a higher level than government agents and maintain total anonymity thanks to the use of biodegradable weapons and devices that cannot be detected by normal security checks." In this case, secret agent Ace Cook is assigned to complete a "very delicate mission" by any means necessary – so long as it's largely food-related, anyway.

Just as Detective Gallo poked playful fun at film noir mysteries, Pizza Spy is a parody of the spy genre, promising an "action-comedy adventure" filled with as much humour as intrigue. Fully voiced and presented in a similarly colourful hand-drawn and animated cartoon style, the game promises more than forty locations to explore, which you can travel between behind the wheel of Ace's flying hi-tech "PizzaWay" vehicle. Players will have two different choices for how to complete various objectives: those who prefer to operate in secret can opt for the "Covert" mode, while those who like a more direct method can select the "Overt" mode for solving problems. Either way, completing tasks will present you with additional "powerful Pizza-Gadgets with which you’ll unlock new ways of interacting with the scenarios." You'll also need to make decisions at key points in the story, which will "influence the course of events" and add even greater replayability to try new approaches.

If you're already craving what Pizza Spy is offering, there's a while to wait yet as the full game won't be ready until sometime in 2025, with a Kickstarter planned for early 2024, along with a playable demo to be released at that time. To follow its progress in the meantime, stay tuned to the developer's website for ongoing updates.


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