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Ontotis emerges from shadows on Steam

Ontotis emerges from shadows on Steam
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First-person 3D psychological horror adventure available now for download for Windows PC


It's a truism in popular entertainment that no matter what you do, where you hide, or how far you run, you can never escape your past. Horror fans can now get a full-fledged blood-curdling reminder of this reality in indie solo developer Xenoplasis Games' newly released psychological thriller, Ontotis.

Players step directly into the shoes of Robert, a man still grieving the loss of his wife, hoping to distract himself by taking a "remote job as a caretaker for abandoned homes during the winter/fall season in search of peace and solitude." No, it's not quite another Jack Torrance situation, but you'll soon find yourself confronting the demons of your past as you check on one final property ahead of a severe oncoming storm. While making your rounds, "strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena come to light, along with a mysterious figure that seems linked to the events at hand." What's worse is that it appears a "sinister presence" may be behind it all, and as you seek to "unveil the chilling fate of the house's residents," you'll be forced to confront your own role in these horrific manifestations.

Claiming it's "not your typical horror game," Ontotis is a first-person 3D thriller that lets you freely explore the haunted property where the entire game is set. Promising a psychological horror experience "inspired by age-old legends," the game will focus primarily on "atmosphere, mystery and an engaging story," but will nevertheless offer a variety of items to collect and puzzles to solve along the way. A flashlight equipped with an AM/FM radio will help navigate the dark areas, so long as you monitor your battery power, and an axe might (or might not) be useful as a last-gasp defense if necessary, but should mainly be relied on for environmental obstacles that can be overcome with force. Depending on what items you use and how, your choices will shape which of the multiple possible endings you achieve.

Those ready to brave the spine-chilling thrills of Ontotis can plunge in right way, as the game is now available on Steam for Windows PC.


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