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Caster's Trap sprung loose on Windows and Mac

Caster's Trap sprung loose on Windows and Mac
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Demo also available for retro-styled, top-down pixel art supernatural mystery on Steam and


The term "escape room" usually implies solving puzzles to get out of one room, then starting all over again with the challenges in the next room. This is also true of Caster's Trap, in a sense, though in TheOdie's newly released supernatual mystery, it's continually the same room you'll be forced to confront.

Players assume the role of the only person able to see a cabin in the woods that appears with every full moon, only to disappear again the next day. On this night, however, you venture inside and immediately feel "transported several centuries into the past." That's only the start of the weirdness, as each time you find a way to exit the single-room setting, you find yourself back in the same place but with certain elements changed. In order to escape, you'll need to "explore the cabin, examine its secrets, and revisit old rooms with new items to unveil the secret magic that once existed in the world, how it twisted the fate of the cabin, and the beings who once lived inside."

Caster's Trap is presented like a retro-styled RPG, with its top-down perspective, gamepad (or keyboard) controls and pixel art presentation, illuminated largely by the beam of a flashlight or a "small orb with a calming blue glow" that you carry with you. As you make your way through the various iterations of the same location, you must examine the ever-changing objects in the room for clues to both the mystery and a means to escape. In certain rooms you'll encounter a blonde girl who knows much more than you do, but not all inhabitants of this place are friendly. On occasion you'll also need to "survive against ghosts, spirits, and otherworldly beings" on the way to one of three different endings, the "true" one be determined by you. Even with these alternate outcomes, the game isn't meant to be a long one, with a projected two hours of play time all told.

If you're all set for a little supernatural room-looping investigation, you can get started right away, as Caster's Trap is available now for Windows and Mac. If you'd like to try before you buy, you can do that too, as a short demo can be downloaded first on Steam and


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