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First details unwrapped for Scarred

First details unwrapped for Scarred
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Singaporean psychological horror adventure with survival elements coming to PC in spring 2024


KOEX Studio has made a career of producing games "inspired by traditional Singaporean locals twisted into nightmarish landscapes that are both frightening and thrilling to explore." The solo developer's upcoming fifth game will be no exception when the psychological thriller Scarred arrives next spring.

Based on a true story, the game tells the story of Alan, who is just an "average, basketball-obsessed teen" that suddenly finds himself trapped in a terrifying world of nightmares. There he must uncover the "sick and twisted past" of his two best friends from school before he himself is consumed by the horrific physical manifestations of their "tragedies and inner turmoil." To succeed in learning the truth, you will need to solve "macabre puzzles" while evading "hauntingly familiar" monsters who would seek to make you pay the ultimate price for your intrusion.

As with the developer's 2021 thriller Noosphere, Scarred is a highly atmospheric first-person, free-roaming 3D adventure with a light stealth-action element. As you explore dreamlike environments "inspired by realistic Singaporean locations, props, and architecture," gameplay will require both your wits and "a steady resolve" as you overcome obstacles spanning multiple locations, all while struggling to "survive the antagonistic world around you." Only by revealing the dark secrets plaguing Alan's friends can you ever hope to "understand how to escape this nightmare in time."

Scarred doesn't have a firm target release date just yet, but it should be arriving sometime in the second quarter of 2024 on Steam for Windows PC.


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