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Spirit Hunter to strike again in Death Mark II

Spirit Hunter to strike again in Death Mark II
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Sequel to Death Mark and NG coming to PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch in February 2024


The spirits are growing restless and they once again mean the living great harm, which means it'll soon be time for a new Spirit Hunter adventure from Experience Inc. in the form of Death Mark II.

The original Death Mark arrived for Western audiences in 2018, telling a supernatural visual novel-styled survival horror story set in a mansion rumoured to offer protection to those accursed with a mark that doomed them to die soon. Although not a direct sequel by name, the "companion story" Spirit Hunter: NG followed soon after, sending players into more haunted environs plagued by vengeful souls of urban legend, this time with the assistance of partner characters. The series' third installment sees Kazuo Yashiki back in Tokyo's H City to investigate a new series of deadly paranormal phenomena at Konoehara Academy, with help once again from some familiar returning faces.

No further story details have been revealed so far, but as with its predecessors, the developers have "drawn on Japanese myths and folklore to create an immersive and nuanced tale of terror." The story will still be told in a stylish (and sometimes rather shocking) hand-drawn visual novel format, but while the previous two games featured first-person investigative portions with more traditional adventure fare (and some key choices and light survival elements mixed in), Death Mark II will introduce a 2D side-scrolling mode that "offers a new way to explore locations." Consequences are just as fatal as ever, however, as "when a spirit does attack, crucial mistakes mean certain death."

Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II is due out on PC, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch platforms in late Februay 2024. A special edition with a 14-song "exclusive original soundtrack CD" is available for pre-order now through the online store of Aksys, the game's North American publisher.


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