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Night Loops comes around on Steam

Night Loops comes around on Steam
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Time-looping isometric black-and-white adventure available now for download on Windows and Mac


The last hour of any work shift – especially a night shift – can seem to drag on forever. But your last hour will go on forever if you're not able to figure out how to break the time loop that keeps resetting it in Jiaquarium's newly released Night Loops.

It's 5:00 a.m. at the Seaside Hotel, and this is your last day on the job. At first the routine seemed comforting, but increasingly you've found yourself getting "stuck" in this place, losing your sense of self. But this is the end, as you have only an hour to go before you're free. Unfortunately, you discover that just below the hotel is an "endless mansion forever stuck in a time loop that resets before dawn," so you'll need to explore its labyrinthe rooms, learn to decipher the strange language of its unusual residents, and solve puzzles as you "come to terms with what its chambers reveal" on your way to one of multiple possible endings.

Night Loops is an isometric black-and-white adventure controlled by either keyboard or gamepad. Described as a "journey through the psyche," the game sees you exploring the various dreamlike environments in the manor beneath the hotel, owned by a mysterious masked figure named Myne. You'll need to find and don headware of your own as an essential part of gameplay, as different "psychic" masks confer unique abilities based on their original owners. Simulated time will tick down as you progress through branching storylines, but beware the choices you make, as the wrong one could result in time being reset and sending you back to Seaside to start again (though without having to go through all the same actions all over again to get back to where you left off).

The surreal mysteries of Night Loops are now ready to be untangled, as the game is available to download on Steam for Windows and Mac.


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