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Red Line crosses onto on PC

Red Line crosses onto on PC
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Dual-world, psychological pixel art horror adventure available now to download on Steam


No matter how harmless a portal might seem, opening a doorway between different dimensions rarely turns out well, at least in popular entertainment. What's bad for protagonists on a screen or page is usually good for an audience, however, and that's certainly what Rolling Cat Studio is hoping with the recent release of their story-driven multiverse horror adventure, Red Line.

When a troubled, gloomy young woman moves into a "shabby" new apartment, she discovers a notebook that allows her to communicate with a man from the same apartment in another world who has problems of his own. At first this seems like a blessing, as the two protagonists "trapped in their own dilemmas decide to collaborate, collect and analyze clues, reveal the hidden truth that history has neglected and help each other find the path to redemption." But exposing dark, hidden secrets can bring its own kind of trauma, as these two strangers from separate dimensions are about to discover first-hand.

Combining visual novel-styled character portraits with top-down pixel art environments reminiscent of 16-bit RPGs, Red Line may not look like a traditional point-and-click adventure but does play very much like one. Control will alternate between the two lead protagonists as they "interact with different residents, investigate items, solve puzzles to unlock memories, and put clues together to reveal the truth of the past." You'll find "unique tragedies befalling the families behind each and every door," and as you progress, no matter how terrifying, you'll need to recreate "certain moments spent in the apartment, resolve the regrets and obsessions of the characters, and help them embark on the next journey."

Red Line has now launched on Steam for Windows PC. Note, however, that while an English-subtitled demo does exist, at time of writing only the Chinese version of the demo is available with no way to change the language.


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