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Murder Is Game Over back on in October with Deal Killer

Murder Is Game Over back on in October with Deal Killer
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Third installment of top-down, pixel art detective-and-dog mystery series unveiled on Steam


The Murder Is Game Over series sure does seem to have a lot of continues. Hot on the heels of the release of Streaming Death comes word of the next new adventure in the man-and-canine detective franchise, Deal Killer.

This time around, the talented young detective and his clue-sniffing dog find themselves in the picturesque Italian Alps, where a "ruthless and greedy CEO from a prominent game publisher" named Billy Kramer is found stabbed in the back – literally. It seems like a straightforward homicide, but you soon discover that there's much more here than meets the eye when you "uncover hidden agendas and expose long-buried secrets as you peel back the layers of deception that shroud this chilling murder." It's up to you to separate truth from deception; succeed and each new revelation "brings you closer to unmasking the cold-blooded killer who forever silenced the CEO's ambitions."

Deal Killer takes place entirely in and around the "gilded alpine chalet" and its immediate environs, presented in a top-down pixel art style reminiscent of the old 16-bit JRPGs. As with its predecessors, you'll need the talents of both man and canine to progress through this "world of opulence, deceit, and murder." As a human you'll engage in typical investigative activities, including "meticulously combing through the clues, analyzing evidence, and interrogating a cast of intriguing suspects," but at times you'll need the heightened olfactory senses only a dog can provide.

And of course you'll need to supply your own "deduction, critical thinking, and attention to detail" in order to solve puzzles, overcome obstacles, and ultimately bring the perpetrator to justice.

There isn't long to wait for the new installment to arrive, as Murder Is Game Over: Deal Killer is due to launch on Steam sometime in October for Windows PC.

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