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Kickstarter campaign begins for Endacopia

Kickstarter campaign begins for Endacopia
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Demo for Windows and Mac available for surreal upcoming adventure from indie animator AndyLand


We can probably all relate to feeling like our world "makes no sense," but that's especially true for the star of AndyLand's upcoming Endacopia, which is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Mellow is a little boy with a "pair of bug eyes on a blank face," who needs guidance to survive in a world that "operates on foreign rules." The diminutive protagonist "doesn’t know much about anything," but then neither will you in a place where paintings can come to life, strange creatures might pop out of anywhere, and just spinning idly in your chair could open up a secret passageway. Only a hunger for experimentation will allow young Mellow to "overcome many obstacles in the way of him finding a place he can call 'home' ... wherever that may be."

Presented in a simple but colourful pixel art style, Endacopia is described as a "nontraditional" adventure that uses the keyboard to navigate and mouse to interact with Mellow's surroundings, right-clicking to cycle through available action cursors. Most of the gameplay involves fairly standard adventure fare, such as exploring "strange environments," collecting items, talking to "strangers," and solving puzzles, but occasionally you'll be called upon to step outside your comfort zone to do things like "fight weirdos in first-person perspective." If you're to succeed in such a surreal world, the developer encourages keeping "an open mind for a better chance at embracing that out-of-the-box line of thinking."

In order to complete Endacopia, the game's solo developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 USD by November 25th. The full version isn't expected for another couple years yet, but an early sample is available now through the playable demo on for Windows and Mac.



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