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The Heirloom generating funds through Kickstarter

The Heirloom generating funds through Kickstarter
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Hand-painted mystery inspired by Scottish folklore coming to all major platforms beginning in 2024


A lighthouse is no place for children to be raised, especially by a "grumpy old man," and even more especially when said lighthouse is home to disturbing unexplained phenomena that no one seems to want to acknowledge. Naturally, all three will be true for players in Babubi Games' upcoming hand-painted thriller The Heirloom, which is currently seeking crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Family tragedy has left the "sarcastic, stubborn, and determined" 16-year-old Marla Moir and her "highly inquisitive and intelligent" younger brother Jack orphaned. What's worse is that their only living relative is a cantankerous, reclusive old grandfather in his even older, run-down lighthouse on the Inner Hebrides, an archipelogo west of mainland Scotland. The two siblings are forced to leave everything they've known behind and "venture to faraway lands, across the ocean, to a small, nearly deserted town" that they'll now be calling home. Upon their arrival, however, Marla and Jack "begin to notice unexplainable and frightening things" occurring there, but both their grandfather and the other remaining locals seem intent on pretending that nothing is wrong. It'll be up to you to unravel "the secrets of [their] family ... as you work to discover the truth behind the unusual happenings."

Inspired by "the atmosphere of the Hebrides and Scottish folklore," The Heirloom is presented in a gorgeous hand-painted art style that belies the game's darker underlying themes. As you explore the town and its ruggedly beautiful surrounding environs, there will be puzzles to solve and conversations with other characters promising "interesting, touching, sometimes eccentric and funny dialogues" among some of the "unique and exciting combinations of game mechanics" we can expect. There will also be important choices to make, such as whether to "follow the rules or go against them? Trust your heart or follow your mind?" Each of these "fateful decisions" has consequences that can affect the story and potentially lead to "unpredictable results."

We could be playing The Heirloom as soon as the "Spooky Month" – October – next year on PC, consoles and mobile devices, but to ensure that happens, the indie developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $33,000 (US) by October 12th. The additional funding will allow the two-person team to work on the game full time, as well as contribute towards music, voice acting, animation and localizations.



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