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Beacon's Bluff launches for real on PC

Beacon's Bluff launches for real on PC
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First installment in new "Story Machine Horror" series available now to download on Steam


Operating a lighthouse is no game, because there could be real lives at stake for sailors depending on you at sea. Except when it is a game, like in the newly released casual horror adventure Beacon's Bluff from Robot Invader, creator of the Dead Secret series.

There isn't much in the way of a story to tell, as players assume the first-person role of a new lighthouse keeper working the graveyard shift at a "mysterious, isolated lighthouse." It's your job to keep the light on and perform all necessary tasks in order to successfully complete your shift – a task that's much easier said than done in a structure "seemingly rich with a longing and perhaps otherworldly history." A "mystiying presence" may rearrange the picture frames on the wall, or an unexplained "sinister action" could occur in the pump house. To "uncover the secrets [and] decode the mystery," you'll need to solve the many "unearthly puzzles" that will try to prevent you from fulfilling your duties.

Beacon's Bluff represents the debut installment of a planned horror series developed with Story Machine, a proprietary "no-code, AI-infused, cross-platform 2D game engine for narrative games." Returning to the point-and-click 2D slideshow-style control system of the original Dead Secret, this game presents a host of puzzles to solve and unusual events to untangle, all with an eye on the clock. Your shift lasts from midnight until 6:00 a.m., and if "too many tasks pile up, it's game over."

If you think you've got what it takes to run a lighthouse in the face of supernatural occurrences, you can punch in right away as Beacon's Bluff is available now to download on Steam for Windows and Mac.


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