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Tyrion Cuthbert ready for judgment in Attorney of the Arcane

Tyrion Cuthbert ready for judgment in Attorney of the Arcane
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Ace Attorney-style courtroom drama available now on PC and iOS, with a demo on Android devices


A young up-and-coming defense attorney is ready to tackle cases before the court, but this time it's not Phoenix Wright or even Apollo Justice, but rather the titular star of Diamondhenge Entertainment's newly released courtroom drama, Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane.

Tyrion is a rising star in the legal world who is fighting against the "corrupt aristocracy" that rules over "a world of fantasy and wizards." Players must defend a series of mages who have been "accused of various crimes committed using magic and use the rules of magic to prove them innocent." The problem is, even the judicical system itself is "corrupt to its core" and manipulated by the kingdom's noble class, so you'll need to work that much harder to prove your clients' innocence and bring the real perpetrators to justice.

To say that Attorney of the Arcane has been influenced by the Ace Attorney series would be an understatement. The game wears its inspiration boldly on its sleeve, mixing anime-styled visual novel segments with investigation of crimes and evidence collection outside the courtroom. As you discover clues, you'll be called upon to form "Deductions" and perhaps even convince NPCs to help you through an optional persuasion system. Once a trial begins, you will need to pay close attention in order to identify contradictions in witness testimony during cross-examination. The one thing that does make this game stand out from Capcom's popular franchise is a magic system that is "heavily inspired" by Dungeon & Dragons. Magic spells in this world have "unique parameters and requirements" that represent another potential form of evidence to use in your case.

If you're up for a little public defending in defense of the little guy, Tyrion Cuthbert: Attorney of the Arcane is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac, or the App Store for iOS devices. A free "lite" version is also available on Google Play for Android.

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  1. This looks like if Ace Attorney had no sauce lol


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