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Sentimental Death Loop comes alive on Nintendo Switch

Sentimental Death Loop comes alive on Nintendo Switch
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Isometric time-looping narrative adventure about preventing your own death coming to PC later this quarter


If you had to live a single day, a single moment over and over again, chances are you wouldn't want it to be one that ends with your best friend killing you. But that's your lot in life – and death, lots of death – in Sentimental Death Loop, the Happy Death Day-like time-looping adventure available now on Nintendo Switch.

Noa is a shy but friendly young college student who is invited to her friend Nemu's house for a birthday celebration. Nemu gives her a black notebook as a birthday gift, but suddenly Nemu pulls out a kitchen knife and stabs Noa repeatedly! Noa loses consciousness, and when she awakens she figures it was all just a horrible dream. But when she looks down, the black book is still in her hand and she realizes that this is no dream but an "endless loop of despair" that she'll need to break free from no matter how many times she dies trying.

Sentimental Death Loop is a combination of visual novel-styled conversations (voiced in Japanese with English subtitles) and isometric adventure segments in which you must search the house for new clues and items that might help you survive the ordeal. Prepare to die many, many times in horrific ways, as there are multiple endings that make it seem like "only sadness and despair await you each and every time." But death is never really an end here, just a new beginning, and each time you repeat the cycle, you'll have the chance to "solve mysteries and unlock tricks" that will help you progress a little further. Only by persevering through one grisly demise after another can you ever hope to break the cycle and change your destiny for good.

The game is available now on the Nintendo eShop exclusively for Switch, but Sentimental Death Loop will also be coming to PC on Steam sometime later this quarter.

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  1. How do I progress in Nimo chans room to prove yourself to Akane?


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