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Detective Pikachu Returns on Switch in October

Detective Pikachu Returns on Switch in October
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Sequel to 2018 Pokémon spinoff mystery adventure to be launched October 6th on the Nintendo eShop


The worldwide Pokémon phenomenon is not traditionally associated with the adventure genre, but that changed somewhat with the 2018 release of the mystery-themed spinoff Detective Pikachu. The success of that Nintendo DS adventure led to a hybrid CG/live-action film adaptation, and will soon be followed by a game sequel for Switch called Detective Pikachu Returns.

As with its predecessor, the new game will be set in Ryme city, a place where humans and Pokémon creatures live side by side in harmony. Or perhaps not so harmoniously, as "a series of mysterious incidents" has been occurring throughout the city just as Pokémon Friendship Week gets officially underway. To solve them, the diminutive yellow "tough-talking, coffee-loving Pikachu who calls himself a great detective" and his human teen companion Tim Goodman will need to join forces once again. In the process, they may just discover more about the detective Pikachu's origins while they're at it.

Detective Pikachu Returns will feature the franchise's familiar colourfully cartoony art style but is set in a full 3D environment. The game will be fully voiced, all the better to appreciate the detective in particular, who "may have a self-assured attitude and talk like a middle-aged man, but he somehow manages to keep his lovable charm." In order to succeed this time, the duo will not only have to work together to best utilize their strengths, but also rely on "the help of the many Pokémon and people who live in Ryme City."

Surprisingly, there's already a target release date, as Detective Pikachu Returns is due to be launched exclusively for the Switch on the Nintendo eShop on October 6th.


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