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Chicken Police to head Into the HIVE! in 2024

Chicken Police to head Into the HIVE! in 2024
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Sequel to offbeat 2020 film noir animal buddy cop adventure unveiled for Windows PC


In 2020, The Wild Gentlemen's Chicken Police: Paint it RED! introduced us to a charmingly offbeat world of animals caught up in a "wild tale of love, death, chickens, and redemption." Soon detectives Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken will have a brand new case to solve, which will see them entering Into the HIVE! in 2024.

The sequel sees the rooster duo venturing into a new part of Clawville, the self-described "most crippled place in the wilderness." As society continues to crumble around them, Sonny and Marty find themselves facing the "biggest case of their lives" when an insect is murdered in (literally) cold blood. Their investigation sends them into the depths of the insect underworld and the stakes become far more personal than either of them bargained for when they're forced to "face the darkest reaches of their past."

Into The HIVE! keeps everything that made its quirky predecessor so successful, so the presentation will once again be steeped in 1940s film noir, including the (largely) black-and-white photorealistic graphics, except with anthropormorphic animals instead of humans. Similarly, the character-driven "dramatic tale of murder, betrayal and love" will be grim and the atmosphere gritty, yet continually leavened throughout by absurd humor. In between scenes of visual novel-style storytelling will be point-and-click investigative gameplay that takes you through more then 35 locations in Clawville , where you'll meet an eclectic cast of 30 fully voiced characters. As a detective, you'll need to "gather clues, interrogate suspects, and use your creativity to solve problems in a variety of ways to uncover a world-shattering conspiracy." Along with the central mystery to solve, there will also be "a myriad of side quests, pathways and opportunities to explore" to keep the experience feeling fresh.

There's no target release date just yet but we're still a way off from the next serving of Chicken Police, as Into The HIVE! will be released on Steam sometime next year for Windows PC.


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