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Islands of Insight appears on the horizon

Islands of Insight appears on the horizon
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Shared-world adventure set in open fantasy realm filled with puzzles playable either solo or with others online


For some, adventure game puzzles should exist solely in service to the story, while for others, pesky narrative interludes merely interrupt a series of welcome brainteasing challenges. Islands of Insight is geared very much toward the latter camp, and it can be played either solo or with other players when it arrives soon on PC.

Rather than tell a particular story, the game casts players in the role of a Seeker on a Path of Discovery, free to explore a "peaceful fantasy realm of ancient wonders and natural beauty" in search of the many puzzles scattered throughout just waiting to be solved, along with "secrets to uncover, and rewards to earn." The puzzles have been "thoughtfully crafted to be both relaxing and challenging," and the more you complete, the more new areas you'll unlock to continue exploring. You can do so the old-fashioned way on foot, or you can take to the skies by spreading your wings to soar above it all, giving you a whole new perspective of the landscapes below.

Formerly known as "Project S" and jointly developed by Behaviour Interactive and Lunarch Studios, Islands of Insight takes place in an open world of floating islands characterized by "sublime beauty, natural wonders, and timeless architecture" influenced by various different cultures. Everywhere you look are new puzzles beckoning you to solve them, ranging from "enigmas of perspective to mazes, environmental challenges, and more." What makes this game stand apart from most of its puzzle-centric contemporaries, however, is that like Cyan's Uru Live / Myst Online, it can be played alone or shared with others as you can "interact and collaborate to solve puzzles alongside friends and other online players." (Broadband internet required.)

There is no target release date for Islands of Insight yet, but the game is listed as "coming soon" on Steam for Windows PC. To follow its progress in the meantime, be sure to check out the game's official website for ongoing updates.


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