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A Bonnie Odyssey to get underway later this year

A Bonnie Odyssey to get underway later this year
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Retrofuturist open-world puzzle mystery set in the Scottish Highlands coming to Windows PC


Many missing persons mysteries are set in urban cityscapes or grim industrial areas. Fortunately, the missing person in Astrodreamer Studio's upcoming A Bonnie Odyssey was considerate enough to disappear in the scenic Scotland wilds for players to investigate.

Players control Zoe, a young woman who returns to her childhood island home in the Highlands seeking answers to why her father disappeared. Accompanied by your faithful robot pal Juno, you must "undertake quests and take Zoe through a series of unique puzzles, making use of the abandoned scientific equipment" left behind by your father to succeed. In your travels you'll meet the enigmatic island's other remaining residents and have the opportunity to help them with their needs as well. Only by doing so will you be able to "unravel the secrets of your own past, and make odd little friends along the way."

Presented in stylish free-roaming first-person 3D, A Bonnie Odyssey is a curious mix of retrofuristic elements that offer tantalizing clues to "a tale of a father and daughter separated by time." The island looks like a hi-tech world's fair, and yet the science facilities are now being overgrown by nature as if long since abandoned and forgotten. As you explore the scenic open-world environments in a nonlinear, leisurely fashion, you'll solve a variety of puzzles using only "lasers, logic, and your own wits," and through "atmospheric storytelling" you'll begin to piece together a mystery filled with surprises and secrets about Zoe's own past, answering questions she's lived with all her life.

There is no firm target release date just yet, but A Bonnie Odyssey is on pace to arrive on Steam for Windows PC sometime before the end of this year.


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