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Total Reload gearing up for PC and consoles

Total Reload gearing up for PC and consoles
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Portal-style 3D environmental physics puzzler coming to Steam and Epic this summer, and consoles in 2024


Ever had something turn out so disastrously that you wished you could just reset and start all over again? We can do that in games, but in real life, not so much. In two-person indie developer TORSTAR's upcoming Total Reload, players may just have the chance to reboot the grandest experiment ever gone wrong. That experiment? The universe itself.

Humankind has long since gone extinct, but not before leaving behind its greatest creation: an Artificial Intelligence designed to seek out and learn the truth about the universe. Millions of light years from Earth, the AI builds a special station to "collect information about the foundations of space and time," but now a power failure has disrupted the processing of data. To "restore the unity of the energy network," the AI will need to visit each section of the station, "activating or deactivating various technical devices" along the way. In doing do, however, and analyzing the information being processed, it will come realize that the only way to truly stop the universe's destructive forces is "by returning [it] to the starting point of being."

Inspired by the Portal series, Total Reload is a similarly free-roaming, first-person physics puzzler in which you, as the humanoid AI protagonist, must navigate the many areas of the hi-tech facility, overcoming a series of environmental obstacles to progress. Accompanied by just one other silent character at times and armed only with a tool called the Energy Cube Manipulator, you will need to interact with "moving platforms, energy filters, sensor grids" and various other energy sources in order to "solve spatial puzzles, change the fundamental laws of physics" and ultimately "launch the Total Reload" itself.

There is no firm target release date just yet, but Total Reload is nearing completion and expected to launch on Steam and Epic for Windows PC sometime in the third quarter of 2023, followed by console versions in 2024. To keep tabs on its progress in the coming months, be sure to check out the official website for additional details.


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