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Quintus and the Formidable Curse preparing to be unleashed

Quintus and the Formidable Curse preparing to be unleashed
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Horror-themed sequel promises to be "larger and far more dangerous" than 2021's Quintus and the Absent Truth


You just can't keep a good mouse down. Not when said mouse is Quintus, at least, the four-legged co-star of Wreck Tangle Games' Quintus and the Absent Truth, who will be returning in a bigger and more ambitious horror-themed sequel called Quintus and the Formidable Curse.

The first game, originally released in four parts, saw a man named Alan Shaw search for his missing daughter with help from his small rodent friend able to squeeze into places and perform actions a full-sized human could not. We know every little about the "darker plot" of the sequel so far, except that it will be "larger and far more dangerous" and picks up immediately after its predecessor, "throwing Alan and Quintus into an adventure that only a Man/Mouse duo could overcome."

While Quintus and the Absent Truth retains much of the original game's look and gameplay conceits, the distinctive art style has been spruced up this time around with "more detailed graphics and enhanced colors." And while the game will once again involve switching back and forth between Alan and Quintus to overcome obstacles, some new elements promise to make this game "bigger and better" in every respect. Not only can players now switch between protagonists at will rather than at predetermined points, Quintus "isn’t the only mouse in town anymore." Along for the ride are four additional mouse friends, each connected to a natural element (electricity, fire, water and wind) that must be used strategically to progress.

The game's lone human protagonist comes armed with new abilities here too, allowing him to engage in combat. Alan can now grab certain items like bats or pipes and swing them at enemies, which could be "lurking around any corner" in some areas, or join forces with the elemental mice, making battles "not only more entertaining to play, but easier to manage." Alan will also drive his "trusty rental van" from one area of the game to the next, which players control via a "large top down map [of] this fictional region of Washington State, named Cificap County."

No release date or platforms have been revealed just yet (the previous game debuted on PC before being ported to all major consoles), but Quintus and the Formidable Curse is listed as "coming soon" on Steam for Windows PC.


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