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Closer the Distance drawing nearer to release

Closer the Distance drawing nearer to release
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Slice-of-life narrative adventure from the creators of Orwell "coming soon" to PC and consoles


It's tough to watch loved ones struggle with grief and loss, and it'd surely be all the harder if you were the loss they're grieving. But in Closer the Distance, the upcoming narrative adventure from the creators of the Orwell series, players will have the chance to help heal those left behind from beyond the grave.

After her tragic death in a car accident, the spirit of a girl named Angela remains in her hometown of Yesterby, where she "finds herself watching over her loved ones as they navigate the grieving process." Angela can do more than merely observe, however, possessing an "ethereal ability to influence the townspeople she once knew." Through the player choices guiding her actions, Angela has one last opportunity to "unearth long kept secrets, repair strained relationships, and help [her] loved ones move on." With the town in such a perilous emotional state, it's these choices that will "ultimately determine the fate of Yesterby."

Featuring a stylish low-poly aesthetic, Closer the Distance is described as a "slice of-life sim that tells a deeply moving and emotional story about the connections between family and friends in the face of tragedy." You'll have unique insight into the wishes, relationships, and memories of the various town residents, including the sickly old fisherwoman Henrietta, the hot-tempered carpenter Melville, the shy daydreamer Conny, and the melancholic traveling singer Laul, to name just a few. The game promies "several key gameplay features" throughout, but foremost among them is the freedom to "make decisions that affect the outcome of the story, making each playthrough unique."

No target release date has been announced yet, but Closer the Distance is listed as "coming soon" on Steam, with console versions for PlayStation and Xbox platforms planned as well. To learn more about the game and its eclectic cast of troubled characters, be sure to check out the official website for additional details.


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